Matboard Information

Matboards in your picture framing serve several important purposes, so whether you want your framing to last as long as your sofa, a lifetime, or to preserve important papers or artifacts for several generations, we have matboard options to cater for your needs.

Why Frame it right?

Improper framing can do a lot of behind the scenes damage to your art. Old deteriorated paper pulp mats can stain and acid burn the art which results in the dark staining.

Matboard Borders do actually make a difference!

You may think the cardboard border around your artwork is simply to make your frame look great.

You are partially correct, after all it can really make or break your artwork! However, the matboards do actually serve a purpose.

A matboard is designed to support an artworks positioning, but to also hold the artwork away from the glass.

Minor environmental changes such as humidity can cause condensation causing a buildup of moisture behind the glass. As you can imagine the moisture can cause irreversible damage to any item, especially those of a paper base.

You can also find that over time gloss finish photographs or similar can become stuck to the glass without the matboard barrier, and therefore ruined.

Besides the positioning of the matboard giving the much needed space between your artwork and the glass, the matboard can actually serve as protection from acid build up from surrounding materials if the right matboard is selected.


The image on the left has acid degradation before it was restored and framed with conservation matboards to preserve for future generations

There are varying grades of matboards from purely decorative, which have a life span of approx. 7-12 years without discolouring and starting to break down, to conservation or museum grade matboards which can have a lifespan without degradation of up to 200 years.

Whether you want an artwork or memorabilia framed to last the same length of time as your sofa or want it to last for future generations, we have a solution for you.